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Work with Tracy

My life's work has evolved around self growth and self love. I have spent over a decade working with women to help them re-discover their true self worth. This program is designed for the woman who is ready to take the first step into fulfilling her true destiny and purpose. I have worked with 1000's of women and believe self care and self love is the top priority. The number one investment required in themselves goes far beyond monetary value and truly tests the commitment and willingness to go deep within themselves to understand all of life's experiences. I believe in empowering women to live authentically, in her truth, proud of her voice, unapologetically. I am a no nonsense, tough love, truth telling powerful woman on the quest to give women the tools they deserve to help them achieve the life they desire.

Work with Tate

I have a no BS mentality paired with the compassion and understanding that men have been led into "manhood" in an entirely skewed way. After years in the corporate world and seeing 1000's of men unwilling to stand up in front of a room and stand in their integrity, I decided to do the work myself and gain the understanding not only of my own deepest and darkest but why men today carry the burdens they do. I have worked with leadership gurus such as Rainier Wylde and Connor Beaton. I am passionate and driven to help men discover their true selves through confronting our deepest and darkest pains in order to accept ourselves as we are and step into true integrity, and lead. We come from absent fathers and examples that did not pave the path to masculinity and leadership, so my mission is to be that voice, shoulder, and person to help guide men into the future. As men of our word we can forge a new path in relationships with our partners as men who embody not only the masculine but the feminine.

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