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bedtime tips to connect with your partner

Tips to connect with your partner. Start a bedtime routine. A bedtime routine is unique for all of us. It's grounding and comforting. Wouldn't it be great to make it a bonding experience as well? Most of us especially if we have a busy schedule or kids like to hit the lights and hop right into bed and start counting sheep. Usually at some point sexy time starts to go out the window. Pinball cream goes on and we roll over to our opposite corners. Instead, I propose a nightly ritual connecting grounding manifesting one. #1 Wash off the day. I personally love a hot shower bath before PJ's go on. Why not turn up the heat together? This can be such an intimate experience. Maybe some light, maybe light some candles, pour some wine, take them into slow down breathe each other in feel each other's skin after a long day. Take a moment.

#2 Take time to chat. Yes, we all like to review our day with each other, but consider at least 15 minutes of deep conversation. Let's get past, how was your day and how annoying your boss is? Can you be vulnerable for a minute I missed you today. I never stopped thinking about you. I was fantasizing about.

#3 Touchy feely. Can we make some time to cuddle? Now I know some of us feel like this is a chore but it's science. Physical Touch helps calm and regulate our nervous system. It brings a deep sense of safety and reassurance. You never know where a long cuddle can lead. Wink wink.

#4 Try to get on the same page. Yeah, I get we all have different schedules but with some give and take we can get the sweet spot for bedtime. Actually falling asleep together with some form of touch can be the most intimate connection and could lead to some of the most sound deep sleep. Whether you're off to be the big spoon or just your pinky toes touching trust me you will be floating on a little dream cloud.

#5 Take time to talk about the future. The best way to manifest what you want is to visualize the details. As couples the best way forward is to have a shared vision. While in the midst of cuddle time, you could hit two birds with one stone talk about future plans, use your imaginations create a beautiful daydream together. This creates a deep sense of partnership and trust knowing you're both working towards the same goal.

#6 Big one. Be sure to say I love you and steal a kiss even when you're tired especially if you've been angry reassurance connection intimacy this puts huge deposits into your love bank.

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