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do not give up on love!


Read it again! Do not give up on love! Do not become jaded. Do not start to give into defeat.

Your person, your soulmate, the one who is willing to go the extra mile for you it out there.

There are a few reasons you have not found love.

One that most people don’t even realize, is you are looking for validation not love.

You are looking for the person to give you all the external gratification you have been searching for to make you feel validated and valued, while completely skipping over the need for intimate connection and value.

This type of relationship is fleeting, unsatisfying and creates even more of a sense of longing.

Another reason is not believing you are worthy of this type of love! Not understanding what you truly deserve and settling for scraps!

Finally, you may not be opening your eyes to red flags. Truthfully people do not usually hide much about who they are. We however put blinders on to the truth when we feel the desperate need to jump in or cling on to a relationship. You may be in a trap of believing words instead of witnessing actions.

Just because love hasn’t shown up yet, doesn’t Mean is isn’t on its way to you right now. Dream Bigger, hold out, Be patient. Wait for the love you deserve. Be discerning, do not be afraid to say “I pass” the one is only one beautiful daydream away! Hold the vision and it’s yours.

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