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Five ways to build emotional wealth and fill your love tank: A matchmakers guide

Five ways to build emotional wealth and fill your love tank in relationship. We all strive to stay in that honeymoon stage with those feel-good chemicals flowing and those blissful moments when we first fall in love. Though the love potion starts to wear off we get bored overwhelmed and frustrated. We look for more ways to check out the new check in blame resentment and contempt start to pool around your little love bubble. And soon it seeps in, and it bursts. Okay, so what the heck do we do? Step number one, wake up. Be aware. Be mindful. Often your partner is making bids for your attention. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it could be like a child they may be even acting out. Even negative attention is attention. Regardless of how it's coming in these bids for connection. These are bids for connection. This is the time to tune into your partner and let them know they're seen heard and valued. Number two, gratitude, and appreciation go a long way. let your partner know you appreciate them. Even for the small things let them know that you are witnessing their efforts. Energy flows where attention goes. Placing your attention on all the little things they do will show they do to show they love you and watch the reciprocals behavior start to double. Three, communicate. Be open to hard conversations. Yes, that might not sound great right off the bat. But communicating issues in real time rather than holding on to them and letting them snowball will be a game changer. Request a dialogue with your partner. Let them know the feeling that you're needing to express without blame. Allow them to empathize and come up with a resolution holding on to resentment in relationship is holding on to resentment is relationship death for be upfront about your attitude. We all have bad days shit hits the fan at work. Your kids are thinking they're running an amateur MMA ring. You get up on the wrong side of the bed. Yeah, I get it. But does your partner we expect our partner to know what's wrong with us? We expect them to know when we need a cuddle when we need space. Just the right thing to say your partner is not assumptions always lead to the worst-case scenario. Now everyone is agitated, and ding ding go to your corners. Instead, try letting your partner know what's wrong. And what you need space a hug a year to vent. Believe me you will save yourself some torture on this one. Lastly, show some PDA That's right. Give them some lovin. Human beings are designed and wired for touch, affection, and connection. Just a little graze of the cheek can release a shitload of feel-good hormones. Using all these little skills makes deposits into your love bank account. And when they get triggered and when you get triggered and activated. The fuller the bank the less we tend to go into the rabbit hole of despair. If you go that little extra mile day to make sure your partner's log take is full. You'll be refilled double and then some.

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