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how to tell if you're an option.

Actions speak louder than words: How to tell if you're just an option.

Okay ladies, this one is for you. We love to fall in love with potential. We love to glorify a man since he checked off a few boxes and often, we get hungry for validation. Ladies 2023 I propose that we are not thirsty. You go to your own well and you fill up your own cup until you find the man who shows you, his devotion. Words are empty unless backed up with actions. How many times have you fallen into the trap of all these sweet nothings whispered in your ear? Remember, they were just that nothings. We need to be sharp this year. be on our toes, and in our worth. That means checking a couple of boxes is not enough.

If you're not priority number one, then you are nothing but an options so next. Are you always waiting for him to be ready or show up on time waiting for to meet his friends or family? Waiting on a call a text? Are you still waiting for a commitment even though you're the one baby? If you're constantly waiting despite what he may eloquently tell you, he is not choosing you. Stop making excuses for him this year. We don't want, if you want me, you know where to find me. This year we don't wait if you want it. You know where to find me. Does he say he's all about you, but the conversation is always one sided. Does he tell you all about his day and gets distracted when you tell him about yours? Does he recap all his glory days the same five stories on repeat but forgets to inquire about your background, your upbringing. Every time you want to take the conversation deeper does he have a quick exit plan?

Ladies, you’ll know when you’ve met your man. Your true man wants to know it all. isn't just waiting for his turn to talk. He wants to engage with you. He asked questions he looks into your eyes he empathizes he remembers your man pays attention this year. We want to go deep. We want to get intimate. If he has not put his phone down since you've been talking girl, you know what to do.

Finally, he needs to choose you every day. This is only shown by actions. Does he speak to you and your love Language? Does he go first after an argument does he help you feel safe to express your feelings? If he doesn't show up for you every day? It's time to do a little self-worth check-in. We deserve the love for our dreams. All it takes is a belief that you could have a patient please do not settle for a couple check boxes and scraps of someone's time. Choose yourself first and your perfect partner will follow.

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