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How will I know?

I think we all are familiar with the love languages, the idea that we all give and receive love in different ways. sometimes I love you doesn't hit the same as acts of service or quality time. For me, I'm about actions. Don't tell me you love me show me. Sometimes our insecurities and doubt creep in, we end up doing laps in the anxiety pool which gets exhausting. We pull out our single red rose. He loves me he loves me not trying to figure it out. So I thought I'd help out my fellow over thinkers. How can we tell if our partner loves us? Without an overflow of heart shaped I love you, Valentine's.

#1. They get lost in a kiss. I'm talking that epic High School make out where it's just kissing but that kissing sends us straight into the Delorean. You hit that time space continuum. Reality fades away. Yeah, you know, that means they love you. Distractions be gone. We're busy,

#2. They want to be always connected. This is my fav. They want to push the grocery cart with you sit on the same side of the booth as you offer their lap as a chair. If your person can't sleep without least touching one toe, it's a sure sign. They love you. If they always want to hold hands in the car in bed at the gym. Not afraid to show it in public, yep they have butterflies for you.

#3. They listen to you. Most people go through life just waiting for their turn to speak without ever even listening. If your person could recap your day, commiserate and your gossip knows what you had for lunch is offering up a device to repair the rift you just had with your bestie they love you. No one is listening and participating in your day unless they are all in.

#4. Okay, I love this one. If you're a person always plays with your hair or touches your face. Even better if they sweep your hair off your face. behind your ear, the ultimate act of intimacy. Those actions have let's make babies written all over it.

#5. If your person buys you thoughtful gifts showing that they're paying attention. They're in for the long haul. I'm not talking about buying your love. I'm talking the person that knows that you need workout socks, your favorite and face wash your favorite snacks your go to brands. Not only do they pay attention to what you like they're anticipating your needs. Do I hear wedding bells?

#6 If your person could look you right into the eyes, like goes out of their way to make eye contact. Well, you can insert that heart shaped heart I shaved emoji here. This is the number one way we can make each other feel seen and safe to core needs we all strive for. They're always holding your gaze; their eyes should be screaming I love you.

Finally, if you kiss or touch or intimate and after they take a pause just to take you all in. Almost like they need to breathe in your essence. At this point. There's no denying it. They're head over heels. So be on the lookout remember, I love you. It's a full body experience.

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