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manifesting your partner: a letter to the universe

Dear lover,

Manifesting your partner. Letter to the universe.

If you have been following along this blogging journey with me you're starting to get familiar with making your request to the universe loud, clear and focused.

Remember as you write down your letter to your soulmate, you must write it from the end. Feel him/ her with you already. Imagine you are writing them a love note with your eyes, feel their heart beating with yours as you write the words and know with every line, you deserve at all. I challenge you to write a letter for 30 days.

Use your imagination visualize each and every detail, the curve of their back, the taste of their lips. How safe you feel to be vulnerable with them, how seen you feel in their presence.

Dear lover,

I love the way we fall asleep forehead to forehead.

I love the way you protect me and defend me. It's you and me against the world.

I love that you are such a romantic I love that you give me butterflies every time I see you.

I love that you make me so proud that you are mine. I love the way you always make me feel better.

I love the way you support, encourage and inspire me.

I love your openness.

I love your willingness.

I love the way that you show up for me.

I love the way you hear me and listen to me I love the way you choose me.

I love your playfulness.

I love your spontaneity.

I love your courage.

I love couch cuddle time with you.

I love the way your words touch my heart.

I love the way you take care of us. I love our inside jokes.

I love our special moments where time stands still. I love how adventurous you are.

I love how you break me out of my shell.

I love how you call me baby.

I love your surprises.

I love how you tell me every day how much you love me.

I love how you would do anything to make me happy.

I love you for how you believe in our power as creators and the universal guidance.

I love all the traditions we have started.

I love that you have pure faith in us.

I love that you accept all of me.

I love that I crave your kiss your touch.

I love how I feel that I've known you in every lifetime.

I love how we visualize our future together.

I love how we can just do nothing and it's perfect.

I love your smell.

I love your beard. I love your body. I love how you cook for me.

I love how you make me coffee.

I love that we never stop laughing.

I love that you've we want to wear each other like skin.

I love your heart.

I love you. I love all of you. Always in all ways.

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