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manifesting your soulmate: a how to guide.

Manifesting your Soulmate: How to guide.

If you want to welcome a love you have never imagined into your life, you need to go about it in ways you may have never thought of. We have to free ourselves from misconceptions about what a partner is and learn to be fully open to receive love.

Law of Attraction is simple. Ask and you shall receive. The problem is most of us only focus on what we don't want. So we can only receive more of that. We also get caught in “You complete me syndrome”. We are stuck believing that we are incomplete without a partner. Inevitably we call in someone who makes us feel whole and alive in the beginning, but this is fleeting. As we actually attract from our internal thoughts, I am broken, I need another to be whole. Love soon becomes conditional and you go back to feeling hopeless.

Your partner is a reflection of you and can only mirror back how you truly feel about yourself. So this is a great time to check in. How are you really feeling about yourself? Worthy and full of hope or doubtful and desperate for validation?

So when we get down to it and you're really ready to call in your love, you have to get down to the nitty gritty first. Here are the facts: you are perfect, whole and complete as you are.

You do not require validation to thrive, you can validate yourself. The partner you call in is a perfect reflection of your self worth and acceptance. You do not need them. Let's be clear.

You do however desire them to amplify the joy in life and experience pure unconditional love that you have cultivated from the inside out. This is not about lack or desperation, this is about clarity. Know your desires, the needs you wish to be met, be clear on your boundaries. Imagine the feeling of two wholes coming together, needing nothing from each other but presence and the recognition of each other's souls counterpart. Don't be needy for love, embody love. Think from the end assume the feeling of desire already fulfilled.

Know without a doubt your person is about to show up at your door, operate as if they're already here. Fill your head, your heart, your imagination with a loving thoughts and intense visualizations. You ask and the universe says yes! So be careful what you ask for. Finally believe, believe, believe, and receive.

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