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questions for deeper intimacy.

Questions for a deeper, more intimate partnership?

Are you wanting to connect more deeply with your partner? Are you wanting to create a more intimate connection, having deep conversations being attentive and listening? Empathizing with each other's paths can only bring you closer. We often come into a new relationship not wanting to hear about an ex or maybe being uncomfortable to talk about past trauma. But this gives you a window into your partner soul to their heart. If you can listen and hold space without judgment. If you could allow for acceptance and understanding you could help your partner heal in epic ways. This will create more trust, more safety, more intimacy, which in the long run creates more joy, more love more presence. More sex. Yeah, all of it.

Here are some questions you could use to deepen your connection. What is an ineffective quality your ex would say, was an issue in the relationship? What does intimacy feel like to you? What does safety look like to you? Can you name similarities or patterns of past relationships? What is your relationship to your parents like as a child, what causes you to go into the red? What helps you calm down and get grounded? When do you feel most joyful? How do you deal with criticism? What is your biggest fear about love and relationships? Who is the most influential person in your life? What do you admire about yourself? What are the top three things you feel you bring to the table in relationship? What are the top three most important qualities you look for in a partner?

Now this list could go on forever. Don't fire all of this out at once. Your partner is a new beautiful treasure to be discovered and cherished. Honor the time to get to know them. Get curious, keep your heart open. Remember to thank them for being open and honest. empathize and bring forward your compassion. Don't forget to reciprocate with openness to share as well.

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