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stuck in an unhealthy relationship? here's why.

Why are you stuck in an unhealthy relationship? #1 Not feeling worthy of love. You don't feel worthy of being loved unconditionally, or for someone to love you, just the way you are. Most of us did not receive the love we needed as children. And this unworthiness pattern plays out in adulthood. Until we decide to recognize this, we keep accepting breadcrumbs and scraps of love from unavailable partner. It's a fact to face but we truly accept the love that we think we deserve

#2 Fear of being alone.

Fear of not fitting into social conditioning of normal. It's not okay to be alone. We never feel lonely when we are truly connected to ourselves and in alignment. When we start to heal and feel complete on our own, we can choose to call on a partner, a partner from our space of wholeness means you are not dependent on the other to feel loved. Sometimes we need to be on our own to understand what we want, what we don't want, what we need. If we learn to nurture and take care of ourselves, and we can tell a partner exactly how to do so for us. #3 We are all our inner child. Like little wounded children running around in big adult bodies, we are unconsciously attracting familiar childhood situations into partnership. We play out trying to understand and heal the same scenarios that happened to us as children. We seek a partner to act out these traumatic parent roles so we can grow and heal these wounds. Tips to get out of these patterns. Look for relational patterning, look for similarities between parents, and partners. Look at your story of love and relationships. What are you telling yourself that it means to be in a loving relationship look at the wound that is calling to be healed?

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