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what is love anyway?

What is love Anyways?

There are so many misconceptions about love out there. I believe there may be more examples of what love isn't rather than what love is. We get so stuck in the idealized unicorns and fairy wings depiction of love. We feel that anything falling short of that must not be love at all.

So what is love?

1) Love is not a distraction or an obsession. Infatuation which often comes from a feeling of desperation or lack can be distracting, and more often than not leads to self abandonment and dependency. You will find true love and the experience of unconditional love from another tends to give you wings to fly, rather then gets distracted. It grounds us, it inspires us and encourages us to show up more fully in all aspects of life. When we become infatuated or obsessed, almost addicted to a person, we let go of all of our own hopes, dreams and aspirations. We almost cling to someone like we need them to breathe. A true partner's love will always ask you to do the opposite.

2) Love is not jealous. True deep, unconditional love is not possessive. It is confident,it does not get jealous. It doesn't question loyalty or morality. True love doesn't have rules and boundaries. When you experience a mutual love this deep, your love frees you you don't feel scared to lose it. You don't see competition. You don't want to lock your partner in a cage, you allow them to be free. True love is trust and safety.

3) Love is aware. You may want to a beautiful romance novel version of life, to believe your partner is perfect. But if they falter in that grand illusion then we question our love. Love does not believe in perfection. Love is acceptance. Love is aware that we are all a beautiful mess. Love allows for imperfection, love is aware that there are ups and downs, love is aware of our humaneness. Love is present. Love lets us just be.

4) Love is a decision.

Love is a choice. It's a decision to be open. Love receives, love allows. True love doesn't shut down when conditions are not just right. You choose love every day. You decide to be in a place to receive love beyond your wildest dreams is available to you at all times. It requires you to let go of your expectations to stop judging how it should look and feel, allow it to move you to new levels and depths of your soul.

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