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why does dating feel so scary?

Why does dating feel so scary? Even though you've been hitting the gym, beefing up your dating profile and clearing your schedule something in you still feels apprehensive. Yeah, dating can be scary putting yourself out there, being open to get hurt and let down then self judgment creeps in sprinkling feelings of not enough-ness and doubt, I get it. Two of the greatest fears we have as human beings is not being loved or lovable and not being enough as we are. When you put yourself out there to date, it's like going on the chopping block of rejection. The key here is open heart, open mind. Yes, being hurt is part of the game. But if we start to look at breakups and let downs as feedback, then we can get curious about our patterns and choices and start to remove the sting. We start to learn how to keep our hearts open. It's all about feeling. It's all about learning what we want and what we don't want, practice the feeling of being hopeful. Dating can become a playground where we practice using our voice asking for what we want and need and expressing our feelings. If we start to re-frame what the entire dating experience looks like and feels like it becomes a gateway to manifesting true love. Most words and feelings associated dating are dis-empowering and motivating, exhausting. This could be put in this actually could be put in the list. So exhausting. Work scary, hurtful, heartbreaking, worthless, hopeless waste of time. Never going to work. Why keep trying? I'll be alone forever. So we could start to shift to make a new list. Exciting, expansive, curious adventure as a testing ground hopeful, joyful presence, surprise, learning growth fun. You can start to practice the feeling of being open, close your eyes for a minute. Can you feel the difference between allowing and resisting? We need to be conscious of our thoughts. At all times we get what we think about. So if you feel ready, smile, get excited. And see it from the end. That's right, you've made it so yourself hand in hand with your soulmate. Never waver on the vision and enjoy the ride.

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